Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Simmering and Shimmering with OPI's burlesque

November 9:

After days of searching in stores and calling Ulta repeatedly I finally got my hands on the 6 polishes from the Burlesque collection that I wanted. At first I bought only four--Tease-y Does It; Simmer and Shimmer; The Show Must Go On; and Show it and Glow it-- along with Parlez Vous OPI and Done Out in Deco but the woman at the register rung up all the polish as 2 for $10 instead of just the last two that I mentioned. Ulta had a sale on last chance OPI colors but when I realized I spent half as much as I had planned on I decided to grab the other two Burlesque colors I had been eyeing: Sparkle-icious and Glow Up Already.

This manicure today is of Simmer and Shimmer, the glitter that I wanted most from this collection. I had just painted my nails the day before with OPI's We'll Always Have Paris but that came off as soon as I got home with my haul.

Seeing as it was my first time working with OPI glitters I had a few things to learn. The polish itself applied great and was quite smooth for a glitter but I put three layers of Seche Vite on top to smooth it out and the next day all of my polish popped off. Yes, it literally popped off. So I decided to try something new.

Reading through some article and blogs online I remember someone mentioning that putting a layer of a gel base coat over glitter before you put on the top coat helped to smooth everything out without requiring tons of layers of top coat. To my delight it worked. So today I am rocking Glow Up Already on my nails and I'll have pictures for that up soon.

As you can see in the pictures here, this polish is amazing. I did not have anything like it in my stash and that is saying something. These OPI glitters are so unique and fun that I have considered going back for the other two that I did not buy, but I just don't care for those colors. The glitter in this polishes seem to be one color at a quick glance, such as blue green purple etc, but actually they are made up of tons of different color and sized glitter. The effect is amazing and they sparkle like no other. All I can say is that I am in love with these polishes. Thank you OPI.

So I'll definitely be rocking burlesque manicures for the next week or so, and it has been decided that my sister, mother and I will go see the movie Burlesque with OPI Burlesque manicures. I think after this manicure, I want to try out one of the shimmers from the collection.

Until next time,
Happy Painting

The Nailventuress

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