Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines with Dollish Polish and an Apartment Addition

16 February, 2013

Valentine's Day is usually pretty exciting.  Dinner with the fiance and a movie or something of the sort. This year the fiance was back in IL and I was in NY so it was a bit different.  The 13th saw me falling into a melancholy mood due to the thoughts of being alone the next day without the fiance, but it turned out to be a most marvelous day! It started with a productive day at work.  Then, I went to knit night which was really fun and uplifting.  I followed that with take out for dinner, a bottle of Shiraz and The Fellowship of the Ring.  To top that all off, I was rocking a gorgeous sparkly red polish in the holiday spirit!

Dollish Polish is one of those great indie brands that I love to wear.  Combined with the fact that the polish is named for Trueblood, I can't go wrong!  This is 5 coats of "I wanna do bad things to you."  I really should have thought to put a red base underneath so I would't need so many coats but in the end it was worth all the coats.  The red has a hint of orange to it and there are a few holographic glitters thrown in is well.  I can't stop looking at this polish and I fully intend to keep it on for another week (I haven't had any tip wear or chipping yet!).  The only thing I am worried about is removing the glitter but I think it will work out alright.

In apartment news, I decided my apartment was too boring and after 2 months of living here, it was time to add some more of me! Luckily I had a Target gift card and a vision and the next thing I knew I was lugging a ridiculously heavy box up to my apartment.  I made a second trip out to grab a hammer and screw driver because I didn't plan ahead.  After an hour or so of tinkering around the bookcase was assembled and ready to go.  I added my yarn, knitting/cooking/reading books and some tea mugs.  The final product is fantastic and I am really proud of myself for getting it all set up!

Last but not least, I finished my Watson sweater.  Since finishing the sweater, I have worn it every day. It is warm and thick and gorgeous and Watson so I am a very happy person!  Now I am working on the sleeves of the Tinder cardigan.  I hope to finish it this weekend so I can wear it to Montreal next weekend!

Until next time,
happy crafting and painting!

The Nailventuress a.k.a. Melanie

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Apparently, I still haven't gotten over The Hobbit...

5 February, 2013

I really do have his insignia
 tattooed on my leg!
I love JRR Tolkein.   I have JRR's insignia tattooed on my leg. It's safe to say I am a fan.  I've read the LoTR trilogy twice.  I've read The Hobbit 5 times.  I've see the trilogy so many times I've lost count.  I saw The Hobbit 6 times in theaters (this is what happens when you have multiple families to see it with). I thought that after the 3rd time of seeing the movie, it would start to lose it's appeal but apparently it hasn't.  Here is how I figured it out.  Since seeing The Hobbit I have watched Love Actually, North and South, BBC's Robin Hood, The Vicar of Dibley, BBC's The Office, BBC's Being Human, and Captain America (and the LoTR trilogy again...and again...).  All of these shows/movies feature at least one actor from The Hobbit.  On top of all that, I've picked up a sweater that has sat un-knit on for almost a year simple because it is a Martin Freeman sweater.  So, apparently, The Hobbit is still on my mind.  That's alright with me.  I've got to find some way of passing the days until the DVD is released, right? And, I have not been disappointed with any of these finds (except for Captain America).  But, I do believe they were the cause of the episode of ennui from last week (as I finished most of them and then felt hopelessly lost on Netflix.  Such a sad life I lead).

Speaking of ennui, my attack of Netflix ennui from last week has gone away thanks to some helpful recommendations (thanks again!) and some further research of my own.  I've started BBC's Shameless which has some great British humor and 100+ I think I'm set for the next little while.

As for manicures, I've still got on the manicure from the last post.  It has faired so well that I haven't felt like taking it off just yet.  So, instead of a new manicure, here is an old one that I wore the first time I came to Syracuse.  It was a bunch of fun, pastel colors that are more suitable for Spring but I wore it in Autumn like the daredevil that I am.  The mint is Orly's Jealous Much and the pinky peach is Orly's Cotton Candy.  The glitter was from a Color Club mini set from a few years ago and I believe the white  is OPI's Alpine Snow.  I absolutely loved this manicure so I might have to recreate it come Spring.

Back to the aforementioned sweater... I am a huge fan of BBC's Sherlock, so, of course, I had to knit the sweater that John Watson (played by Martin Freeman) wears in the first season.  I started it last year and for some reason, put it down after the split for the front and back.  However, on Saturday, I was hit by a huge desire to pick it up I knit...and knit...and knit.  By Sunday night I had finished the body and was casting on the sleeves.  Needless to say, I am glad I acted on my urges.  Now I've got just got to keep knitting away on the sleeves.  Normally, I hate sleeves.  Sleeves are not friendly.  They are awful things that taunt you endlessly.  However, I have come to the realization that the sleeves on this sweater are sleeves with a purpose (of course, all sleeves have a purpose, serving to keep our arms warm, but these are purposeful sleeves).  Specifically, the gorgeous chevron pattern and 6 stitch cabling from the sweater is also knit on the sleeves.  Therefore, I've got repeat after repeat to keep me happy.  These sleeves make me smile every time I cross off a number on my notes sheet.  I feel like I am actually making progress when I sit down and knit three rows. Why? Because the crossed off numbers on my notes sheet tell me I am! No more endless stocking knit tubes for me (on this sweater...).  Nope, I am knitting purposeful sleeves with purposeful repeats.  In all reality, these sleeves are probably going to take me longer to finish because of all of the patterning.  Do I care? No!
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Until next time,
happy painting and crafting!

The Nailventuress a.k.a. Melanie

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Netflix Ennui

26 January, 2013

I really like to have something on in the background when I am doing things.  Be it podcasts, radio, music, television shows, it doesn't really matter but I like it there.  Recently I've been on a Richard Armitage kick, (I blame The Hobbit followed by North and South) which has led me to some interesting shows on Netflix.  But I am still not satisfied.  Back when Doctor Who was all new to me, I was set for a few months.  I continued onto Torchwood and some other shows but it seems I've run out of things I truly am excited to sit down and knit to.  Sometimes I want to watch something rather than listen to it and I can't seem to find that something.  So right now I am settling for the original Star Trek series.  I figured, if I get into it, I'd be set for a while with all of the series to watch.  After all, I was raised by a Trekkie so I know the characters, I just haven't fallen in love with it yet.  This ennui has taken over my knitting time.  Instead of knitting, I spend time watching the first few episodes of shows to see if I'd like to continue watching.  I'm sure something will turn up but for now I am stuck in my Netflix ennui!

I am sporting a new manicure that promises to make up for the failure of the last one.  (Did I mention that after 3 days the polish went dull (which hasn't happened to for years) and chipped/peeled like crazy! Total disappointment!) This is 1 coat of Barielle's Berry Blue and 2 coats of Finger Paints Motley which is from their flakie collection.  That collection was so fabulous and I cannot believe I have waited so long to wear this polish.

I've also been somewhat productive on the knitting front.  My vest, which took up the first 3 weeks of January, is finished and now up on display in the local yarn shop.  I've also done a bit of spinning with some fiber I got from work.  It is absolutely gorgeous and I've no clue what to knit with it.

Hopefully this ennui clears up soon!

Until next time,
Happy painting and crafting!

The Nailventuress a.k.a. Melanie

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Down time

20 January, 2013

It seems this weekend I have had more down time than I have had in past weekends. Of course that means that I have been entirely unproductive, unless you count a walk to one of the local yarn shops yesterday.  The weather has been nice, although incredibly windy, and it hasn't snowed since Friday so perhaps I'll venture out again today.

I did take advantage of an earl arrival home on Friday to paint my nails.  Of course, they needed to be trimmed due to the cold making them weak (my lack of conditioning and increase of using my hands underwater doesn't help either).  I threw on a dark, barely purple purple that looks fantastic, but was a pain to apply.  The color is Elizabeth by Julep, this is my first time using a polish I own from Julep, and, while it looks great on the nails, the bottle shape, brush and formula were such a nightmare, I don't know if I will be using the other polishes I own from them.  The bottle is so long and thin, it won't stand up on its own with any sort of stability and there is basically no polish in the bottle itself (how is this worth $14?).  The formula was thing and gloopy and didn't spread well on the nail (and it took forever to dry).  The brush didn't assist the application at all, instead, it helped to keep the polish congealed in one spot.  And, after just over a day of wearing it, I've got tip wear.  Needless to say, I am not impressed.

On a happier note, I purchased some spectacular looking sock yarn during my walk yesterday.  I've never heard of, or tried, this yarn before but it looks and feels great so I may be casting on for some socks later today.

I've also nearly finished the vest that I have been working on for my class.  I have an inch more of the back to knit, then it is just finishing up the button band and arm hole ribbing.  Perhaps I'll finish the back today and the rest tomorrow?  This also means I can get back to knitting other things again!  Like the 2 shawls and cowl I'm currently working on.  That also means, I can cast on for the previously mentioned socks, a cardigan, and a shawl or two.  I have found the pattern for the shawl that I want to knit for my wedding, I've just got to get the yarn for it!

Below, I have posted a little blog auf Deutsch.  This is for me to practice my German more than anything else so I'll just leave it there for now.

Until next time,
Happy painting, and crafting!

The Nailventuress a.k.a. Melanie

Dieses Wochenende habe ich nicht so viel gemacht.  Ich habe ein Wolle Geschäft besucht und dann habe ich gestrickt.  Auch habe ich Star Trek von 1966 und Doctor Who von 1973 gesehen.  Jetzt möchte The Hobbit noch einmal gesehen, aber es kostet viel Geld und ich muss mein Geld für andere Sachen benutzten.  Vielleicht nächste Wochenende kann ich den Film sehen, weil ich das Hollywood Theater besuchen kann.  Dieses Theater kostet nur $2 pro Film und das ist billiger als Regal Cinemas, obwohl ich habe The Hobbit 6 mal gesehen, immer bei Regal Cinemas.

Morgen ist es nicht so kalt wie am Freitag, aber diese Woche soll sehr kalt sein.  Ich glaube, dass das Tageshochtempuratur ist um 12 Grad.  Vielleicht gibt es keine Schnee, wenn es so kalt ist.  Viele Pullis habe ich gestrickt, aber ich denke, dass ich Handschuhe und dicke Socken und einen warme Schal brauche.  Ich kann diese Sache stricken und ich habe viele Wolle aber ich wollte an meinen anderen Projekten arbeiten.  Auch wollte ich meine lila und grüne Wolle spinnen.  Am Wochenende habe ich sehr viel Zeit, aber keine Lust diese Aktivitäten zu machen.  Habe ich ein Problem?

Diese Idee gefällt mir!  Ich kann ein Blog auf Deutsch jede Woche schreiben, damit ich mein Deutsch üben kann.  Ich habe kein Deutsch Zeit 1. December gesprochen, weil ich keine Deutsch Klasse oder Pratikum hatte.  Auch kann ich deutsche Filme auf Netflix sehen.  Da gibt es viele Filme, die ich in meiner deutsche Filmeklasse gesehen habe, zum Beispiel Metrolpolis und Der Untergang und Der Baader-Meinhof Komplex. Ich muss sehen, ob es lustige Filme auf Netflix gibt.  Mal sehen.

Bis später,

Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Friday!

11 Jan 2013

It's Friday again!  Who doesn't love the weekend (although, weekends aren't as desperately needed as they used to be with such a fantastic job to keep me busy!)? Especially when it means the fiance is coming to visit.  To celebrate, I am spending the night before he comes with a pot of my favorite tea (Samurai Chai Mate from Teavana anyone?), the last few episodes of Gossip Girl and some knitting.  The rainy chill that has plagued the day only helps to add to this perfect Friday!

For now, I will leave you with a manicure and some knitting!

This was a pre-christmas manicure that I ended up wearing for close to two weeks.  I love glitter nails but I hate the clean up, so...I settled for glitter tips.  Saves on the clean up and still sparkles.  The glitter is Twinkle Lights from the China Glaze Holiday 2011 collection.  The green is Jolly Holly from the China Glaze Holiday 2010 collection.  I have a history of not caring for green nails, however, this combination was pretty fantastic.  If only the holidays lasted longer so I'd have more time to paint more glitter combinations!

On the knitting front, this is my first Color Affection.  I've since knit one for the fiance and I'm currently working on my third (using yarn from Holiday Yarns, my fantastic job!) However, that will have to wait while I finish a vest I'm working on for a class.  My magpie inspired mind seems to think multiple works-in-progress isn't enough as I've made plans to stop in at the local yarn shop for some yarn for yet another project.  Well, at least I'm meeting one of my goals for 2013...knitting from my stash? Who am I kidding...At least I'm knitting more, which was one of my unspoken goals.  

Enjoy the weekend!
Until next time,
happy painting and crafting!
The Nailventuress a.k.a Melanie

Saturday, January 5, 2013


5th January, 2013

I finally have internet installed in my apartment! How exciting! It is great to be back in Syracuse and now, I will have less trips to the library to take advantage of the free wi-fi.  This also means I should be able to start working on one of my 2013 goals, blogging more.

There will be lots to talk about of course.  Knitting, polish, adventures in New York.  2013 is going to be a great year!  And, for starters, I think I'll make a chili for dinner.

Until next time,
happy painting!