Thursday, September 23, 2010

Essie and the bubble mishap

September 23:

With a quick hop, skip and a jump back over the seas, I found myself once more in the land of Essie. And yes, you read the date correctly. Here I am writing to you yet again, however, I fear I must warn you of the dangers that lie ahead...

Every so often, in my travels, I get over excited and...jump ship so to say. When applying Essie's "Matte About You," this is something I would warn against! Take your time when letting that lovely manicure dry, don't rush into the matte top coat or you will be faced with bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles!

The manicure started off just like any other, I applied the base coat (a ridge filler in this case to help balance out the sheerness of the polish) and then followed with the polish itself.

As I've said before, I love Essie's formula. It dries quickly, has a great finish, and it cleans up rather nicely, but I hate putting on more than three coats of nail polish and this one, which is called "Turquoise and Caicos", required four. Yes four!

Since the coats dried fast enough I managed, but alas, when I thought my nails were dry enough I applied the top coat and then BUBBLES! Apparently waiting three or so minutes wasn't enough, so when I tried out the top coat the next day I made sure to wait till the polish was completely dry.

The matte top coat itself was wonderful. It is easy to apply and the brush is very nice, just like the other Essie brushes, though I swear this one may be slightly larger. The formula is thicked than the Essie nail polishes, but not by much, and it dries very fast so be quick when applying!

I think that it is the rapid dry time that produces the bubbles...or the fact that the polish wasnt dry enough. Oh well, shall I ever know? At least it was not an issue with the top coat itself, that would have been truly disappointing!

And so I leave you with the horrible bubbles documented in the picture below. I vow to never have this issue again...though it may very well happen when I encounter new nail polishes.

Speaking of, methinks it time for a journey to the Italian countryside. Here I hope to find the department store turned drug store polishes that go by the name "Borghese".

Until then,
Happy Painting!

The Nailventuress



  1. I've seen Borghese at the Ulta in Bolingbrook, its always stashed away on the side of an aisle or somewhere random. Never tried it though!

  2. That's where I got mine, it was on clearance!