Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A delicious "Mint Candy Apple" treat!

November 4:

Yes I am blogging once more hurrah! This is my third post in a few hours so I am quite proud of myself! I think that my blogs may get a titch shorter as I've reviewed many of the brands of polish before, but each color is a new adventure, so that shall not change!

Speaking of colors, I finally decided to splurge and get Essie's "Mint Candy Apple." Oh my goodness this is such a fun color. At first I had shied away from this color because it seemed too pastel for my taste but after looking at many many swatches, I decided it was a color I needed to add to my collection. I was even more delighted when I swatched it on my nail and the color came out slightly darker than in the bottle, and with three coats it was perfect!!!

I recieved some wonderful stamp plates for my birthday so I decided to use those and chose a flower-like design to add onto the ring fingers. At first they were stamped on with Essie's Lapis of Luxury but this color did not have enough contrast to the base color so I grabbed the bottle nearest me and tried it out. That just happened to be OPI's "Ogre the top Blue." It was the perfect addition to the manicure and the blue design made the mint green seem more blue!

This one is definitely one to keep in a nail polish stash because it is very different and fun. After a whole month of dark colors with the occasional bright manicure, I felt like I needed something different and Essie did not fail. Seeing as this was a previous winter collection color, I figured it was the perfect time of year to wear it since all of the new winter collections came out around November 1 anyways!

That is all for now on this manicure, but I think the next post shall be about my past manicure that I've done to try and do a quick catch up. Perhaps this post shall just be a short description and a pictures of a few manicures. Whatever it is shall be fun!

Until next time,
Happy Painting.

The Nailventuress


  1. w follower :)
    very fresh colour, I have a similar one :)
    visit my blog if you like :)

  2. I like this color a lot. I've seen many mint greens but this one seemed the most blue to me and since actually mint greens look awful on me I loved this one :)

    will do!

    Thanks :)