Friday, November 5, 2010

Once upon a time a raven called Nevermore...

November 5:

After a week of illness it seems I am finally on the mend. I was so sick/exhausted that I did not paint my nails at all since my manicure on Monday (this is the longest I've gone in months) and I bought a bunch of new polishes. It was awful.

This manicure, however, is from a week ago when I went to a concert to see Seattle progressive metallers Nevermore. I decided it would be a wonderful idea to paint my nails with OPI's
"Nevermore" from their Go Goth collection seeing as the band and the polish had the same name. The novelty of it was too much so I hunted down the collection and bought my polishes! In the end I also bought OPI ink which is a dupe for Nevermore (a mini) so I could have just used that but I wasn't going to see OPI Ink perform, I was going to see Nevermore.

This color ended up being even better than I thought it would. It was definitely a purple with a bit of blue/black but Nevermore (the band) has a song called "Dreaming Neon Black" (my favorite) so I walked around calling it neon black. Silly, yes, but so much fun!

I like the OPI minis because the are cute and let me test out a color to see if I like it before I commit to the bigger bottle, if there is one, but the brushes are downsized and something about the formula is different. For some reason every mini that I have used has chipped a lot earlier than the OPI polish in the full sized bottles. I used Obscurity (the black matte) and that chipped the same day but I let it pass seeing as it was a matte. Sanguine chipped within a day and so did Nevermore, but I love the colors and the cute bottles so I can ignore this. Plus I got dupes for Nevermore and Sanguine already. All I need to do is find a black matte polish that I love as much as Obscurity.

The little brush in the minis was something that I thought would be a nice change but I ended up hating it. It was hard to get enough polish and I had to double or triple dip and then the polish on the nail started to dry and the manicure was uneven. I am surprised to say that I like OPI's wider brushes better. Oh well, since Halloween has come and gone, I think the minis will be used less frequently, well from this collection anyways, I got some for my birthday that I have yet to try out.

Up next I think a trip back in time to the days when my nails were much longer and stronger is in order. Perhaps the OPI polish that spurred me on my nail polish binge, or maybe just a fun manicure from my knitting collection.

Until next time,
Happy Painting

The Nailventuress

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