Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Fuggen Ugly"? I Think Not

January 29:

So it is about time I got this posted. About two weeks ago I got my ManGlaze order and immediately wanted to put it on my nails but I had a neutral shade on for my first day of tutoring. As soon as I got home the nude polish came off and on went the ManGlaze!

"Fuggen Ugly" is anything but. The formula was not just good for a matte but good for any polish over which surprised me. In the past the mattes/suedes I have used are kind of tricky to deal with. It only took two coats for perfect coverage and the dry time was great!

The matte finish on this is really truly matte and for some reason seems different from all other mattes I have tried. I think that it is flat but somehow has depth to it. Oh and did I mention the fact that this polish has tiny colorful sparkly bits in it when it is "un-matted". I didn't actually put a top coat on this, it was much to beautiful on its own, but when it was drying I saw them.

Something else that really impressed me, besides the shipping and formula, was the actual company itself. They were really responsive and polite! I don't usually buy polishes online and especially not through the company itself but I think I will be back shopping with ManGlaze sometime soon. Plus, they are from Chicago!

I just tried out some fimo designs on my nails so I'll have pictures up sometime soon. All I have to say is "Revvvolution" and kitties.

Until next time,
Happy Painting!

The Nailventuress


  1. They are so much fun!!! Mayonnaise looks awesome! I'm so tempted to get every color :D

  2. Hey, I'm a new follower here that just happened to come across your blog. This polish is gorgeous. It is added to my list of matte/suede polishes to purchase. Also, I'm a junior in college too. It's so neat your studying German (I looked at a couple of your posts). Very nice job, I'll be back for more posts :)

  3. @Nikki: Welcome! I love matte polishes and this one is definitely worth owning! What is your major? Lol it is a lot of fun to study German, to practice I'll watch make up/nail polish videos on youtube in German :D

    Thanks again, I am glad you enjoy my blog!