Saturday, October 2, 2010

Revlon helps welcome Autumn

October 3:

Good Morrow dear friends. It is quite early (or late) in the morning here, yet I find myself writing this post. As promised, I journeyed to Revlon to keep my appointment with a color called "Iced Spice." Seeing as Autumn began to make an appearance around here, I decided an orange upon my nails was the perfect way to welcome it in.

As you can see in the first picture, the orange I chose is a lot more copper than orange, almost like a shiny new penny combined with pumpkin pie, but I LOVE it! The only thing I would change about this polish is I would make it scented. I have a thing for Revlon scented polish and with a name like "Iced Spice" I would have loved a smell to accompany it, but alas, twas chemicals that met my nose.

But on to the details... The brush is long and thin, which is fine by me, though I found that sometimes it did not pick up enough polish and I had to "double-dip." This usually isn't an issue for me, but for some reason with the Revlon polishes, when I double-dip, the nails polish gets really bumpy on the nails and it doesn't dry flat like Essie.

The formula is good, I think the wear is great for the price and it takes only 2-3 coats depending on how thick your coats are. The dry time for this polish is pretty good... well, yes and no. It dries fast enough, but I've found with Revlon polishes that you really need to take the time and wait in between coats or else bubbles are bound to pop up. And we all known what I think about bubbles!

After two days, I got antsy and decided to apply a "matte" top coat that I had purchased a few days before. This time I used Orly's "Matte" top coat but I call it "matte" because in reality it is a suede/satin finish. It turned my nails even more coppery then they were before like a goldfish but once again I LOVE it! The suede/satin finish looks great with this color, and it is such a great color for Autumn that I'm sure we will see this one back on my nails in the near future.

Overall, I love Revlon's polishes even though I always have a few bubbles pop up. The brush is the only thing that I would change, because I don't think it picks up enough polish when I dip it into the bottle.

Up next I think I shall revisit my dear friend Essie and cuddle up with "Angora Cardi"! This color is guaranteed to be a fall favorite of mine.

Until next time,
Happy Painting.

The Nailventuress

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