Friday, October 8, 2010

I happened upon an Ogre

October 8:

Ah yes, it would seem that after traveling for a short while I would be due to encounter some silly creatures. But an Ogre, it is weird enough to write the word let alone behold the fellow (by which I mean Shrek!), this was a change! Twas a short trip from Essie over to Far Far Away, ruled by OPI, where I found "Who the Shrek are you?" from the Shrek collection waiting to be painted on my nails.

This was quite an adventure for me, seeing as the previous weeks had be full of fall colors, yet it was just what I needed to mix things up!

Of course, I love OPI's formula, which is usually a good consistency and is opaque in two coats. However, this polish was a bit more runny, like Essie's, without being as pigmented as Essie so I ended up painting three coats of polish and could have used a fourth to touch up. I hate using more than three coats, and even three is pushing it, but the end result is worth it. Luckily the dry time isnt bad either, I'd call it average for OPI, which is still good!

Luckily this odd Shrek colored green looks good on me, because this could have ended up as a major disaster! Instead, it looked like someone had liquified Shrek and mass marketed him, and I'm not complaining!

After having talked about OPI for a few posts, I just have to say that I think their brushes are a bit too big for me. I have smaller nails...I think, which means that no matter how careful I am, I always get polish on my cuticles. I find that Orly's and Essie's brushes are a lot better for my nail shape.

This color has given me the courage to try another one of Shrek's collection, that being "What's with the Cattitude". Hopefully we will be seeing that one on my nails in the near future, perhaps I'll even go back for "Rumple's Wiggin". Writing all of these names is so much fun!

Next, however, I am making a trip to the final frontier...yes I mean space. I plan to seek out Orly's "Space Cadet" for a nail expirience unlike any other.

Until next time,
Happy Painting.

The Nailventuress

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