Friday, October 15, 2010

Orly and the Space Cadet

October 15:

Alas, it has been a full week since I last graced this little project of mine, but it is for a very good reason, I promise! Through my travels of the exciting world of College, my former laptop has been my constant companion, but as I entered into my third year, I figured it was time for a new laptop. Today as new laptop day, and after spending a few hours playing around with it, I am satiated enough to write my first blog with my new computer!

Onto the nails!

This week I have ventured into uncharted least for me. Orly is a nail product brand that I know of but have not really used anything from before. I own only two Orly polishes and one top coat, so as far as my collection goes, that is nothing, but so far I am impressed.

The color seen here is called Space Cadet and it is from their Cosmos FX collection (I think it is the fall 2010 collection as well). Anyways, I literally had to hunt this one down! First, I
went to one Sally's Beauty, then an Ulta, then another Sally's where I was lucky to find one bottle of it left. I was fully pr
epared to go to more shops for it because I think this nail polish is so different from anything I own and I needed to get it! (Side note: Every Sally's I went to carried this line, and two out of three Ulta's have it so you have some options).

When it comes time to catalogue the color, I run into issues. It is an obvious and true duochrome with the two colors being rosy purple pink and gold yellow green but it has a teal base. So should I put it as a blue with foil shimmer? What about a purple or a green or a yellow or a pink? There are just too many options and I love that! Eventually I decided it was a purple and so a purple it shall stay.

I tried to take a picture that represented how different this
polish can get on the nail but it is too hard to truly capture this color on camera.

The formula was pretty good in my opinion. It was not too thick nor too runny, and it was good in three coats. The finish was very foil-like and I used two coats of top coat to make it shiny but it dried smooth. Removal took a little extra effort, but now where near as much as a glitter would. I think the removal was like taking off Sally Hansen's HD nail polish. Also, the polish lasted for a good amount of time for me. I kept it on only 3.5 days, but it didnt chip in that time so that was a plus!

Now to Orly's brush and bottle. Can I just begin by saying I love Orly's bottle design! The rubber cap is pure genius for the home manicurist! It feels so secure in my hand and it is shaped just so that it fits comfortably between my fingers! The brush was a little bit bigger than Essie's but no where close to OPI's and for my nail length and width it was perfect.

Over all, I am impressed with Orly's product and I think I shall purchase from them again. The brush, bottle and formula were great and the polish was completely unique and long lasting!

Next I think a visit with OPI is in store, for I simply can not get enough of the Swiss Collection. That means another trip to the Alps...but who could complain about that? This time I am looking to find the gem of a color that is called "Cuckoo for this Color".

Until next time,
Happy Painting!

The Nailventuress

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