Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentines with Dollish Polish and an Apartment Addition

16 February, 2013

Valentine's Day is usually pretty exciting.  Dinner with the fiance and a movie or something of the sort. This year the fiance was back in IL and I was in NY so it was a bit different.  The 13th saw me falling into a melancholy mood due to the thoughts of being alone the next day without the fiance, but it turned out to be a most marvelous day! It started with a productive day at work.  Then, I went to knit night which was really fun and uplifting.  I followed that with take out for dinner, a bottle of Shiraz and The Fellowship of the Ring.  To top that all off, I was rocking a gorgeous sparkly red polish in the holiday spirit!

Dollish Polish is one of those great indie brands that I love to wear.  Combined with the fact that the polish is named for Trueblood, I can't go wrong!  This is 5 coats of "I wanna do bad things to you."  I really should have thought to put a red base underneath so I would't need so many coats but in the end it was worth all the coats.  The red has a hint of orange to it and there are a few holographic glitters thrown in is well.  I can't stop looking at this polish and I fully intend to keep it on for another week (I haven't had any tip wear or chipping yet!).  The only thing I am worried about is removing the glitter but I think it will work out alright.

In apartment news, I decided my apartment was too boring and after 2 months of living here, it was time to add some more of me! Luckily I had a Target gift card and a vision and the next thing I knew I was lugging a ridiculously heavy box up to my apartment.  I made a second trip out to grab a hammer and screw driver because I didn't plan ahead.  After an hour or so of tinkering around the bookcase was assembled and ready to go.  I added my yarn, knitting/cooking/reading books and some tea mugs.  The final product is fantastic and I am really proud of myself for getting it all set up!

Last but not least, I finished my Watson sweater.  Since finishing the sweater, I have worn it every day. It is warm and thick and gorgeous and Watson so I am a very happy person!  Now I am working on the sleeves of the Tinder cardigan.  I hope to finish it this weekend so I can wear it to Montreal next weekend!

Until next time,
happy crafting and painting!

The Nailventuress a.k.a. Melanie


  1. Ohhh! Why are you going to Montréal?? :-)

    1. My mom is coming to visit and we are going to see a hockey game!

  2. When I first looked at the nail polish I was immediately reminded of the ruby red slippers in The Wizard of Oz. The fact that it is named after an amazing song that happens to be the theme to an awesome TV show pretty much takes the cake. Thank you.

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  3. You should try a base coat of glue next time you do a glitter polish. The glue allows you to peel off the nail polish when you're done, without a glittery mess.