Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Friday!

11 Jan 2013

It's Friday again!  Who doesn't love the weekend (although, weekends aren't as desperately needed as they used to be with such a fantastic job to keep me busy!)? Especially when it means the fiance is coming to visit.  To celebrate, I am spending the night before he comes with a pot of my favorite tea (Samurai Chai Mate from Teavana anyone?), the last few episodes of Gossip Girl and some knitting.  The rainy chill that has plagued the day only helps to add to this perfect Friday!

For now, I will leave you with a manicure and some knitting!

This was a pre-christmas manicure that I ended up wearing for close to two weeks.  I love glitter nails but I hate the clean up, so...I settled for glitter tips.  Saves on the clean up and still sparkles.  The glitter is Twinkle Lights from the China Glaze Holiday 2011 collection.  The green is Jolly Holly from the China Glaze Holiday 2010 collection.  I have a history of not caring for green nails, however, this combination was pretty fantastic.  If only the holidays lasted longer so I'd have more time to paint more glitter combinations!

On the knitting front, this is my first Color Affection.  I've since knit one for the fiance and I'm currently working on my third (using yarn from Holiday Yarns, my fantastic job!) However, that will have to wait while I finish a vest I'm working on for a class.  My magpie inspired mind seems to think multiple works-in-progress isn't enough as I've made plans to stop in at the local yarn shop for some yarn for yet another project.  Well, at least I'm meeting one of my goals for 2013...knitting from my stash? Who am I kidding...At least I'm knitting more, which was one of my unspoken goals.  

Enjoy the weekend!
Until next time,
happy painting and crafting!
The Nailventuress a.k.a Melanie

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