Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Apparently, I still haven't gotten over The Hobbit...

5 February, 2013

I really do have his insignia
 tattooed on my leg!
I love JRR Tolkein.   I have JRR's insignia tattooed on my leg. It's safe to say I am a fan.  I've read the LoTR trilogy twice.  I've read The Hobbit 5 times.  I've see the trilogy so many times I've lost count.  I saw The Hobbit 6 times in theaters (this is what happens when you have multiple families to see it with). I thought that after the 3rd time of seeing the movie, it would start to lose it's appeal but apparently it hasn't.  Here is how I figured it out.  Since seeing The Hobbit I have watched Love Actually, North and South, BBC's Robin Hood, The Vicar of Dibley, BBC's The Office, BBC's Being Human, and Captain America (and the LoTR trilogy again...and again...).  All of these shows/movies feature at least one actor from The Hobbit.  On top of all that, I've picked up a sweater that has sat un-knit on for almost a year simple because it is a Martin Freeman sweater.  So, apparently, The Hobbit is still on my mind.  That's alright with me.  I've got to find some way of passing the days until the DVD is released, right? And, I have not been disappointed with any of these finds (except for Captain America).  But, I do believe they were the cause of the episode of ennui from last week (as I finished most of them and then felt hopelessly lost on Netflix.  Such a sad life I lead).

Speaking of ennui, my attack of Netflix ennui from last week has gone away thanks to some helpful recommendations (thanks again!) and some further research of my own.  I've started BBC's Shameless which has some great British humor and 100+ episodes...so I think I'm set for the next little while.

As for manicures, I've still got on the manicure from the last post.  It has faired so well that I haven't felt like taking it off just yet.  So, instead of a new manicure, here is an old one that I wore the first time I came to Syracuse.  It was a bunch of fun, pastel colors that are more suitable for Spring but I wore it in Autumn like the daredevil that I am.  The mint is Orly's Jealous Much and the pinky peach is Orly's Cotton Candy.  The glitter was from a Color Club mini set from a few years ago and I believe the white  is OPI's Alpine Snow.  I absolutely loved this manicure so I might have to recreate it come Spring.

Back to the aforementioned sweater... I am a huge fan of BBC's Sherlock, so, of course, I had to knit the sweater that John Watson (played by Martin Freeman) wears in the first season.  I started it last year and for some reason, put it down after the split for the front and back.  However, on Saturday, I was hit by a huge desire to pick it up again...so I knit...and knit...and knit.  By Sunday night I had finished the body and was casting on the sleeves.  Needless to say, I am glad I acted on my urges.  Now I've got just got to keep knitting away on the sleeves.  Normally, I hate sleeves.  Sleeves are not friendly.  They are awful things that taunt you endlessly.  However, I have come to the realization that the sleeves on this sweater are sleeves with a purpose (of course, all sleeves have a purpose, serving to keep our arms warm, but these are purposeful sleeves).  Specifically, the gorgeous chevron pattern and 6 stitch cabling from the sweater is also knit on the sleeves.  Therefore, I've got repeat after repeat to keep me happy.  These sleeves make me smile every time I cross off a number on my notes sheet.  I feel like I am actually making progress when I sit down and knit three rows. Why? Because the crossed off numbers on my notes sheet tell me I am! No more endless stocking knit tubes for me (on this sweater...).  Nope, I am knitting purposeful sleeves with purposeful repeats.  In all reality, these sleeves are probably going to take me longer to finish because of all of the patterning.  Do I care? No!
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  1. I feel exactly the same way. I watched North and South for the bazillionth time, and I'm working my way through Being Human. I've been too broke to see it in theaters more than the once, but I can't wait until it's out on DVD.

    1. I would be happy watching only North and South over and over again! Richard Armitage is fantastic in that role! I'm at the same point with Being Human but I like it enough to keep going with it :)

      We had gift cards to use or else I don't think I would have seen it that much (although I would have tried to justify the movie ticket prices)! I keep stalking my local discount theater to see when it will be released there.

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