Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fiercely Fiona

March 16:

Finals are over with, spring break is upon me, life is good! Just a reminder, once I hit 50 followers I will get my giveaway going :D

This manicure is from a few weeks ago. I wore it to a German club outing and it was fun and quite an odd color. I am, of course, speaking of OPI's "Fiercely Fiona." FF is a dirty yellow...greeny-yellow creme. It is kind of hard to describe but it was definitely fun to wear!

This was three coats and for a 'yellow' it had good coverage. The whole Shrek collection was amazing in my opinion. Each color was so bright and cheery, it is my pick me up collection (when holos or neons won't do).

I have just finished reading "Jane Eyre" and tomorrow will be a day filled with the BBC version of "Jane Eyre" and manicures with a great friend of mine. Even though I would love to do St. Patrick's day nails, I am craving pastels.

Until next time,
Happy painting!

The Nailventuress


  1. BBC + manicures = good times. I watched the BBC version of "Pride and Prejudice" with a friend while doing manicures a couple weeks ago! Congrats on spring break. I have one more final and then I'm FREE.

  2. @enchantedgemini: It was great :D We did pedicures too! I have yet to see that version but I love Colin Firth so I think I'll try to see it over break. Thanks! Good luck on you final!