Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wet Cement and Bacon

March 27:

The giveaway is going great so far thanks to everyone who is entering :D You still have lots of time to enter here, good luck!

Last weekend I went to a Rockford Icehogs hockey game and the mascot for the team is a hog (duh) so I decided I would try to do something for the team. Usually if I am going to a Blackhawks game I will paint on jerseys or team feathers but I didn't really feel like doing that for the Icehogs. Instead I decided to go with the hog theme and stamped some bacon on my nails. Weird, yes, but oh so fun!

This manicure was three coats of Sally Hansen's "Wet Cement" which I wore as my Jane Eyre manicure. I thought gray was a very fitting color for watching the movie. Then I used OPI's "2o Candles on My Cake" which is one of my favorite reds for nail art. Unfortunately I think this color may be discontinued now so when I run out of this bottle I am not sure what I'll do :( Hopefully it is not and I am just imagining things.

Yesterday while at the radio station my co-host/fellow nail polish addict (the one who got me hooked on nail polish) surprised with a ton of gorgeous nail polish (I have one of the shades on now) and killed a HUGE lemming of mine with a tube of Sephora's Blue Waters lip gloss. I repeat, I am now the owner of blue lip gloss! I never thought I'd see the day and I was so surprised! Thanks so much Rita, I don't know if I can say it enough!

I'll have pictures from some of these polishes soon! Also, I am thinking of adding some other makeup bits on this blog, thoughts?

Until next time,
Happy painting!

The Nailventuress


  1. This looks great!! I gave a shout out about your giveaway on my blog. hope it helps you

  2. @Rachel Marie: Thanks! I was surprised how well it turned out for a manicure lol I never would have guessed bacon and polish would have worked out :D

    @Lady Luck: Me too! I love having bacon with pancakes and eggs :D

    @Une Ruxi a Paris: Thank you so much! That was so kind of you :D Good luck if you enter! It definitely helped :)

  3. wow, I love the light grey! I'm searching for this colour..

  4. @Reflect ad Fancy: This is such a great grey and it is pretty cheap. It is definitely a keeper if you find it!

    @Strawberry Freckleface: Thanks! I don't wear much grey but this color is so gorgeous it makes me want more!!!