Thursday, September 23, 2010

First stop, Essie.

September 23:
After setting off on an uncomfortably hot day in September, I have arrived at last! Essie was my first destination. I had never experienced Essie before now, though I had heard many murmurings about it. To my surprise, I was not let down.

Let me begin by saying that at first glimpse, Essie polishes seem rather pastel, making their colors look suitable for brides and Easter celebrations. Upon further examination, there were many treasures to behold. Beiges, and corals, and mints and berries! Oh the selection of colors was overwhelming (and on sale for B2GO) so I ended up with more in my collection then I had ever fancied.

This meant that when it came time to choose a color to paint my nails, I had quite a hard time deciding which. Was I to choose a coral? What about turquoise? Perhaps that lovely color that goes by the name "Angora Cardi". In the end it was "Jazz" that won my heart.

"Jazz" is a sophisticated light greige color, that has also been reffered to as light taupe. In the bottle, one would think that it would apply rather sheer, but to this explorer's delight, it applied opaquely in two coats. Just to give it that extra kick, I opted for a third, but I would have been fine without it.

As you can see here in the picture, it is very similar to my skin tone, but just different enough to stand out, and oh did I ever fall in love with this color.

Now to the formula. To my surprise, the nail polish was slightly watery, which made me wonder if I shouldn't have waited before purchasing so many bottles, but I was not to be let down. The formula was so pigmented that, as I said before, two coats were all that was needed. A plus to the thin formula is that you use less nail polish when applying and it doesn't make your nails look thick! Imagine that! On top of all of this, it dries incredibly fast and shiny! I would even venture to say there is no need for a top coat, though I cant speak for the durability just yet.

Oh, the brush! How could I forget about the brush. It is small, smaller than most I've used, but I found that this made it easier for me to control my painting which meant a cleaner manicure!

Overall, I'd say my first encounter with Essie was a success! Not only did I love the color, but the formula, dry time and finish were so great, I might start to consider Essie my favorite brand of nail polish.

Up next I feel the winds blowing me up into the mountains of O.P.I. where I hope to learn more about the Swiss collection...

Until next time,
Happy Painting!

The Nailventuress

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