Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fun with Fimo!

February 6:

I mentioned this post a little while ago, and then forgot about it, but I went back through my pictures and remembered that I wanted to post it. After waiting for 2 months I finally received my order of fimo canes from Born Pretty and so of course I had to try it out. Last weekend while at my college's radio station (a place where I frequently paint my nails) I hunkered down with some holo polish, my swiss army knife and my fimo canes. The end result was this:

Cute colorful kittens with bows and rainbows...surprisingly I am cringing. I think it is the black holo that tones down the cuteness. Anyways, This was two coats of Color Club's "Revvvolution". This polish is quickly becoming one of my ultimate favorite to work with. The formula is super pigmented and very easy to work with. It cleans up and wears well. This is actually the second week in a row that I have had this polish on. Something about the gunmetal charcoal holo keeps me coming back for more. I should note that this polish is not very shiny when it dries but it is a lot more holographic. Top coat kind of kills the holo so if anyone knows any topcoats that don't affect holos let me know.

I used my Swiss Army knife to cut the fimo, which worked out a lot better than I thought it would, and put three kittens on my ring fingers and one kitten and a bow on my thumbs. I was surprised at how easy the fimo was to work with. Since this was my first time cutting the canes the pieces came out thick but last Wednesday I couldn't stop cutting the fimo and I got pretty good at getting them thin. Something else that surprised me was how well they stayed on my nails. Rhinestones seem to pop off if I even think about it but fimo canes stayed on even though I kept knocking my nails up against everything.

Overall I loved this obnoxiously cute manicure. It was fun, fast and full of kittens. I will definitely be working with fimo again.

Until next time,
Happy painting!

The Nailventuress