Saturday, February 5, 2011

Beautiful Blogger Award!!!

February 6:

I would have gotten around to posting this sooner but I had 2-3 ft of snow to deal with which left me utterly exhausted. That does not mean it is any less important/exciting! I can't believe I got another award from Une Ruxi a Paris, she is the best!!!

So here we go, 3 questions to answer, 3 bloggers to tag:
1. When and how did you start your love for polish?
-Hockey. Yes, hockey. I started painting my nails religiously when the Blackhawks were in their playoff series against the Canucks (May 2010). I figured the best way to cheer on the team was painting my nails. Every Saturday I would pack up my entire collection (10 bottles of polish) and bring it with me to my radio show. Once there me and the other host would paint nails and play music, fun times! Eventually the Blackhawks won the Stanley cup, however, at that point I was too hooked on doing my nails to stop. The length of time I have worn my manicures has shortened a lot since those days and the amount of polish I bought has increased significantly.

2.. If you could choose to do anything in the whole world what would it be?
-Besides anything that I do/plan on doing (teacher, radio host, etc...) I would be a cake decorator. For some reason I always found this job to be incredibly fun. Who wouldn't want to eat and decorate cake all day? Every year I get the chance to live out this dream job when I decorate gingerbread houses but hopefully at some point I can make this a bigger hobby of mine. Oh and of course I'd love to be a nail technician :)

3. What's your favorite lovestory?
-Hmmmm, this is a terrible question to ask a romantic. I guess Holly and Jerry from "P.S. I Love You". If you have not read the book/seen the movie go out an do so. This movie makes me cry every time but I love the story that it tells.

Now on to the bloggers I choose:


  1. @Une Ruxi a Paris: Thank you so much :D You are very welcome!

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  3. @fashioned in finland: You are welcome :D