Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Knit the stash: day 7

The first week of the new year is over...I've no clue where it went.  So far I've stayed true to my new years resolution of no stash enhancing.  But, its only been a week so it is not like that is a huge accomplishment.  I do have to admit to some yarn finding its way into my stash though.  Recently, I moved to a new apartment and the change of address has delayed all of my parcels from the Post Office.  The yarn that arrived on the 3rd was supposed to be here in time for Christmas, having been sent to me from my dad as Christmas presents.  Therefore, is does not count as stash enhancing and instead counts as the last new yarn to enter my stash for the next 358 days!

If you take a look at my current stash, you'll see I have a large variety of bright colors in my sock yarn shelf and a mixture of jewels and neutrals in the sweater shelf.  Taking a moment to quickly reevaluate my stash based on my knitting tastes, I realize that I shop for one thing and knit another.  I lean towards neutrals when it comes to choosing knitting projects.  Most of my favorite sweaters are either cream, grey or black.  I love multicolored scarves and socks, but I would rather knit shades of grey than Butternut Squash yellow.  2015 New Years Resolution: Buy yarn in shades that are practical...do not fall for the shiny factor.

The reason I've ended up with so many brights is incredibly obvious.  1: I love bright colors in every aspect of my life.  2: I'm more willing to splurge on something that is one of a kind, unique to the dyer, new to me, eye catching, etc.  Why would I want to buy a sweaters worth of grey yarn here when I can get grey yarn from everyone else anytime I want?  At the end of this past year, I purchased a few projects worth of yarn in neutral colors and I am so happy to have them in my stash! If only I had stocked up on neutral sock yarn before my stashdown...that would have helped with my neutral shawl cravings.

Neutral Stash Project Ideas:
1. Cascade Eco Tarnish: Ranger for Me!
2. Miss Babs Yowza Into the Void: Bedford for me!
3. Shibui Alpaca DK: Snowbird for Me! Shortened?

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  1. The first week is the hardest..you're over the hump maybe? Or does that only work when going back to the gym? :-D