Tuesday, January 3, 2012



It has been really hard to keep up with my blog these past few months. Between travel and school I have had barely any time to read, let alone write, blogs. This week is my first week back at school and it looks as if I may have a bit more free time than last term (knock on wood) so I will try to do a weekly update with manicures of the week! I guess I am making a new years resolution to do so, lets hope it works :)

In other news, I have bought a lot of nail polish recently. Three weeks ago I got back from a school trip to Germany and ended up with more polish than I thought, then I bought some Christmas collections and other odds and ends. Plus I got a new camera for Christmas that is asking to be tried out with my manicures.

Look for some posts in the near future!

Happy painting,
The Nailventuress

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