Saturday, June 25, 2011

Canada and Virginia: Pic Heavy

June 25:

We made it to Ohio so it is time for more manicure pictures!

Three coats of OPI's "At Your Quebec and Call." This is another polish that I got from Rita and I am in love with it! The olive green is so gorgeous and it flashes orange occasionally.

Anyone know what this is? Sadly I only had an ice capp the morning I left Canada and now I will forever be craving it! Why can't we have Tim Horton's in Illinois? Why?

Three coats of Essie "Flirty Fuchsia" (thanks Rita!) and one coat of Sally Hansen's "Byte." Fun and bright to go along with the hot weather in Virginia.

Outside the White House. This was kind of hard to take a picture of but so much fun!

Crumbs cupcake. Ever had one? It's amazing! We stopped at Union Station and I was surprised to see Crumbs there, I have only been to the one in Chicago.

CQ polish I picked up at Rite Aid. Idyllic looks like a berry/green duochrome.

Some cross stitch I did in the hotel.

Three coats of OPI's "Yodel Me On My Cell." Such a beautiful turquoise blue I cannot wait to put Deborah Lippmann's "Across the Universe" on top!

My travel knitting! A colorful stripped Noro scarf that I have only knit on while in the car. So much fun!

Until next time,
Happy painting!

The Nailventuress


  1. Wonderful photos!! I love that Whitehouse photo!!!

  2. *squeals*
    I love Crumbs!! So tasteh. n_n

  3. that scarf looks awesome!
    nails, hawks, old lady hobbies - we are so much alike! haha

  4. @Paillette: Thanks so much! It was so much fun taking the white house picture, it's not perfect but I'm glad I did it.

    @ChaosButterfly: Crumbs has the best cupcakes I have ever had! So delicious, I need to go back :)

    @rebecca: Thanks :D I am one proud knitter! I love when I find out I'm not the only one with an odd combination of hobbies :D hockey nail polish and fiber arts is such a fun mix, I usually do two at the same time (i.e., watch hockey and paint nails) so much fun hahaha.

  5. that is such a great idea!!! bill + white house!

    I really want to get At Your Quebec and's such a unique color!

  6. @shortwidenails: Thanks, it was something I really wanted to do in DC! If you can find it buy it, I was lucky enough to get it from a friend of mine so I'm not sure how hard it would be to find. China Glaze "Peace on Earth" might kill a lemming and it should be easier to find.