Wednesday, April 20, 2011

While on the topic of neons...

April 20:

I figured I go ahead and post the other ones I have worn recently.

Eye searing neon #1 is China Glaze's "Pink Voltage". While I dislike the amount of coats neons require (which may just be China Glaze, my Color Club neon seemed fine) the pay off at the end it worth it. PV required 5 thin coats to be opaque, though I have seen people get away with three. Neons make up for numerous coats with quick dry time so 5 coats takes as long as 3 coats of a creme. Most dry matte so make sure to add some top coat! What I love about PV is the slight purple shimmer in the hot pink base. I think that brings up the intensity a bit more and adds an absolutely gorgeous effect.

Eye searing neon #2 is China Glaze's "Sun Worshipper". It is like a mac and cheese powder orange that requires just as many coats as any other China Glaze neon. Someone commented saying it made their hands look grey so I figured I'd post a picture of how mine looked. In most lights my hands looked fine but occasionally they turned blueish grey (see the difference in the pictures?). I still love this color and I want it to work. Maybe it will be better in the summer when I have a bit of a tan.

My favorite tip for keeping neons chip free, since they love to chip on my, is going of the tips and sides of my nails with top coat as soon as I apply top coat to the nail. This helps prevent chipping to make your manicure last longer!

Until next time,
Happy painting!

The Nailventuress


  1. @kamilkamilka: Thanks :) Neons are just so much fun! I have not worn one that I did not like.

  2. Thanks for the tip. ^_^
    dangg I don't own any neons and your post make me want to buy some now -THANKS lol

    I really liked Sun Worshipper until I read "mac and cheese powder orange" -that turned me off LOL but I love the description

  3. @FOREVER '92: They are so much fun and very wearable, definitely try some! Sun Worshipper is still great haha thats just the best way to describe it. I prefer this to the traffic cone orange neons ;) Thanks!

  4. @Une Ruxi a Paris: Yay! Me too haha, they are bright and happy. Every time I wear one I want summer!

  5. Sinful Color nail polish will be 99cents this up coming week of the 24th!!! :p (plus i like you're neons too girlie!)

  6. what beautiful colors!i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI by a young Mexican designeer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

  7. @Manda: I just realized it was you hahaha, in my head I was think oh that sounds like Amanda...FAIL on my part XP Thanks for the heads up!

    @Carolina: Thanks, i'll go check it out :)

  8. You have an award on my blog!!

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  9. I have that pink one too but I'm a bit scared of wearing it... :/
    Maybe a black shatter over would tone it down a bit